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EVc high power multi-channel battery testers

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Multi channel battery cyclers.

  • The EVc-10, EVc-30 and EVc-40: 10, 30 and 40 channel battery charge discharge cyclers.
  • High speed data-acquisition: Real time display of individual cell internal resistance.
  • Up to 5 amps/channel with multiple cut-off voltages up to 11 volts.
  • Complex charge and discharge profiles set up and displayed in real time.
  • High speed galvanostatic intermittent titration techniques (GITT): 8 μS/point enables detailed step impedance analysis (SIA). SIA is better than EIS because:
    • SIA is a transient measurement technique that provides boundary value information.
    • EIS is limited to steady state measurements.

Multi channel EVc battery cyclers are also used to recondition any type of recombination battery (NiCad, Pb-acid and nickel metal hydride).




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EVc-30 multi channel battery tester / cycler

Batteries are sorted based on selected state-of-health parameters

Toyota Highlander: As received pack

Toyota Highlander after EVc reconditioning

Ford Escape: As received pack

Ford Escape after EVc reconditioning

Toyota Prius Pack: As received pack

Toyota Prius after EVc reconditioning


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Step impedance analysis (SIA) of lead acid batteries provides same information as EIS

Fig. 1 GITT analysis of lead acid battery

High speed GITT of lead acid battery

EVc specifications


EVc-05:    (same specs as EVc-10 with ½ # channels)

EVc-10:     (50 amps)

EVc-30:     (150 amps)

EVc-40      (200 amps)

Channel counts in the hundreds available in open framework format.

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