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Fuel Cell Manifold

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Fuel cell manifold module:  The manifold module includes all of the gas handling equipment mounted on an open aluminum framework including   (1) 4 x 3-way valves, (2) 6 check valves, (3) 14 x port connectors, Tees and reducing unions, (4) power supply for mass flow controllers, (5) signal distribution box, (6) RS232 controller hardware, (7) 2 x Tescom back pressure regulators, (8) 2 x pressure gauges and (9) Swagelok stainless steel tubing.  The open framework integrates the gas handling manifold with the humidifiers, mass flow controllers, heated transfer lines, and temperature controllers (available as options). The test stand can be controlled by either a 3rd party load unit or either an EZstat-Pro or Powerstat potentiostat/galvanostat.  Load units and potentiostat/ galvanostats are not included with the Fuel cell manifold module.

Price $5,000

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