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Hybrid vehicle battery reconditioning / conditioning equipment and training

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Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) multi channel battery tester and conditioner.

What is an HEV battery module?
Modules are nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery cells that connect in series. An individual cell has a nominal voltage of 1.2 V.  A Ford Escape has 5 cylindrical cells in a module. A Toyota Prius has 6 prismatic cells in a module. Modules are configured in series to yield the battery pack. For example the Ford Escape has two 25 module battery packs.  A Prius has a single 28 module pack.  A module is the fundamental unit of a battery pack. Modules are reconditioned, not packs. 

  cells/module module V type modules/pack pack V
Ford Escape 5 6 cylinder 25 150 V
Prius 6 7.2 prismatic 28 202 V
Honda 6 7.2 cylinder 26 187 V

What does “out of balance” mean?

Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery modules undergo shallow depth of discharge. Unused electrode material becomes physically separated and unavailable. This reversible failure mode causes wide variation of module amp-hour (Ah) capacity. At any state-of-charge there will be a variation of module voltage. These variations constitute an “out of balance” battery pack.

What is reconditioning (or conditioning)?
Modules that have overheated and vented water are irreversibly damaged. These high ohmic resistance modules are identified by the EVc unit and binned for repurposing/recycling. Remaining modules are conditioned by current-voltage protocols that recover Ah capacity.

What tool is used for reconditioning?
The EVc-10, EVc-30 and EVc-40 are fully automated multi channel battery testers and conditioners.


NuVant hybrid electric vehicle battery reconditioning unit.

EVc-30 Multi channel battery reconditioning tool. Cooling box not shown.















How long does it take to recondition an HEV pack?
An EVc-40 can recondition 120 modules in 2 days with a labor requirement of 5 person-hours.

What data output does the EVc provide?
The EVc gives internal resistance, amp-hour and watt-hour capacity for every module. This enables the ranking of modules for pack rebuilding. Output files are exemplified below:

Toyota Highlander (click on figures to expand)

Toyota Highlander as received

Toyota Highlander post reconditioning


Ford Escape (click on figures to expand)

Ford Escape as received

Ford Escape post reconditioning



Toyota Prius (click on figure to expand)

Toyota Prius as received

Toyota Prius post reconditioning


Battery-sorting software module

Critical battery parameters are calculated

Real time display of comparative battery parameters and charge/discharge curves















How do I learn more prior to an EVc purchase?
Hands-on hybrid electric vehicle battery reconditioning short course enables hands-on participation in a reconditioning demonstration. After the purchase of an EVc unit, NuVant provides a deep training that will be all you  need to start you business.


What are the EVc specifications and prices?



Max Load Voltage  10 V/channel (Customized up to 20V)
Max Load Current 5A per channel
Number of channels  10, 30 or 40 channel systems
Applied Current Accuracy 0.5% of the Applied Current
Applied Current Resolution .3 mA
Potential Measurement
Measured DC Potential Ranges 10 V/channel (Customized up to 20V)
Resolution  .6mV
Accuracy 0.08 or 0.03% of FSR
Current Interrupt Resistance 
Data Acquisition Speed 12.5 kS/s
Serial Resistance Precision 0.5 %
Measurement logging time 1 second

EVc pricing and specifications

Includes battery pack cooling box, and fully configured laptop computer.

EVc-05:     $9,000 (same specs as EVc-10 with ½ # channels)

EVc-10:     $13,500

EVc-30:     $24,500

EVc-40      $38,000


How do I get complete training after an EVc purchase?

EVc training in Crown Point, Indiana or on-line with TeamViewer: $1000/person

  • On-line training provided after customer receives purchased EVc unit. Training includes:
    • Unpacking and set-up of EVc unit.
    • Connections to prismatic or cylindrical modules
    • Use of EVc to identify high resistance modules
    • Module reconditioning
    • Database module sort and pack build-up.
  • In-house training is one-on-one with NuVant experts.

Start with a low-cost EVc-05 or EVc-10. Trade up to the EVc-30 or -40 as you gain experience and confidence.

Call 219-644-3231 for more details