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EZsort: A Microsoft Access Database for Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

In Progress

EZsort is a Microsoft Access database designed to facilitate maintenance of hybrid vehicle battery module inventory.  Individual modules are identified by a QR code. EZsort manages data obtained from the NuVant EVc series of hybrid battery reconditioning instruments including module Ah capacity, total watt hours, internal resistance and more.  EZsort sorts data to facilitate pack assembly from inventory modules. No knowledge of Microsoft access is required for use of EZsort.  EZsort is a user friendly executive file.



Opening Microsoft Access Software

Microsoft Access is not an ideal database constructor, data analysis should be done in Excel using REAL-STATISTIC add-in program:


COMPACTING FILES IN DROPBOX MAY POTENTIALLY BREAK OR DELETE THE DATABASE.  The first time compacting, rename to a “.accdb” file extension on Dropbox and compact database off Dropbox.


Microsoft Access can be found with the other Microsoft apps in the Microsoft Office Suite and is exclusive to Windows operating systems.  Once opened, press the enable content button on top and access the MAIN MENU form from the sidebar on the left under FORMS.

  • Double left click to open objects from sidebar
  • Single left click icons to navigate through forms


  • There is no need to save, Microsoft Access will autosave any changes



Navigating with Main Menu

The “Main Menu” form can be found as an object in the sidebar



  • Add Modules– opens “BatchAdder” form
  • Ship a Pack– opens “PackShipperSelector1” form
  • Modules in Stock– opens “Grade Report Selector” form with search parameters available
  • Edit Module Data- should open to “Battery Summary Data” form, macro needed



Adding a Batch

Access “BatchAdder” form through the sidebar or main menu (Add Module)



  • Vendor– from whom the batteries came
  • Arrival Technician– who is importing battery information
  • Batch Description– anything of note worth mentioning
  • Choose a File– select text box to prompt dialog box (only excel files ending in .xlsx can be imported)
  • FILE IMPORTER IS CASE AND SPACE SENSITIVE.  It is critical that the excel file is imported in the correct format.



  • It is highly recommended that the user
    • Copy & paste the column names from a sample or used file
    • Rearrange the columns so the data aligns with the representing label
  • There should to be 28 entries (batteries) in a full pack
  • Average voltages are not present, instead they are calculated using Capacity(Ah) and Energy(Wh) fields with the “average voltage count” query
  • When successfully imported, the three tables: “Battery Summary Data”, “Battery Batch Information”, and Battery Travel Summary” will be updated



Selecting a Pack

Access “PackShipperSelector1” form through the sidebar or main menu (Ship a Pack)



  • Vendor and Location are required parameters
  • Capacity, Energy and Volt are optional; batteries are listed in descending order of Volt
  • Use (Refresh Search) to update or if there are no starting entries
  • Once batteries have been excluded, they will not repopulate even if restrictions are lowered
    • Restart selection by going back to main menu
  • Export data of selected batteries as excel file and print a copy to be included with the batteries
    • File names must be inputted as “File Path\File Name
    • Here is an example of the exported excel file




Shipping a Pack



  • Ship Pack irreversibly updates the Battery Travel Summary table, so confirm information is accurate before proceeding
  • Total entries are listed on the bottom left corner
  • After inputting Ship to and Recipient parameters, memos can be added in Travel Note
  • A print dialog box for “Shipped Report” will be toggled when (Ship Pack) icon is pressed. It contains the same information as the exported excel file



Modules in Stock- Grade Report Selector

Access “Grade Report Selector” form through the sidebar or main menu (Modules in Stock)




  • List is in descending order of Batch ID, then Scan ID
  • Values cannot be left blank when using the (find next) icon ,use “0”
  • Similar to shipping a pack, excluded batteries will not repopulate, use (clear criteria) icon to restart selection
  • When ready, use (open report) icon to generate a CustomInHouseReport




Edit Module Data- Battery Summary Data

Access “Battery Summary Data” form through the sidebar



  • Avoid editing data in Tables.  Use forms instead to prevent any unintended changes as they may lead to DIRE CONSEQUENCES due to incompatibilities between commands and data types.
  • Editing Data in the Battery Summary Data Form is safer to do than the the Battery Summary Data Table
  • In this form, only modules in stock can be edited and modules can be searched based on QR codes



Grade A Battery Report

Access “Grade A Battery” reporter through the sidebar



  • Generates a List of all batteries with voltage> 7.2 V, Ampere-hour capacity >5 Ah, and Energy > 35 Wh
  • Similar information can be found for different types  of batteries using queries from the side bar, the design will be slightly different but allows you to sort the data by category
    • Grade B: voltage > 7.2 V, Ampere-hour capacity >=4 Ah
    • Grade C1: voltage < 7.2 V, Energy <= 35 Wh
    • Grade C2: voltage < 7.2 V, Energy < 35 Wh