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ArrayPGstat potentiostat/ galvanostat multichannel battery cycler

The ArrayPGstat is a high resolution, high speed multichannel potentiostat/galvanostat.  This multichannel system, specifically targeting battery cycling, is powered by a USB National Instruments 6229 DAQ card. The ArrayPGstat chassis is a modular system that accommodates up to eight 5-channel boards.  Each channel is a three-electrode potentiostat/galvanostat that also serves as a 2-electrode channel when shorting the counter and reference electrodes.  NuVant provides EZware™ as an executable package.  Although LabVIEW is not required, LabVIEW VI libraries are provided at no charge enabling customers to write in-house codes.  A 13-slot National Instruments PXI chassis can be populated with ArrayPGstats providing customers with up to 520 channels controlled by a single laptop and the high speed back plane of the NI PXI chassis. This is the ultimate in massively parallel battery charge-discharge cycling.