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Operando Raman Cell

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Operando fuel cell Raman spectroscopy cell developed in Smotkin group at Northeastern

Exploded view of fuel cell operando Raman spectroscopy cell.

 Operando Fuel Cell Raman Spectroscopy Cell

The operando Raman spectroscopy cell enables acquisition of Raman spectra of the membrane electrode assembly catalytic layer under normal operating conditions, eliminating interference from supplemental electrolytes. The cell dimensions provide versatility and ease of use in a confocal Raman microscope. The cell assembly includes a 9-pin connector for connection to an EZstat-Pro potentiostat/galvanostat and temperature controllers. The EZstat-Pro controls the cell potential or current, and the temperature of the cell, reactant transfer lines and humidifiers. The cell features a pin-style upper flow field to optimize flow distribution around the quartz window.


Operando Raman spectroscopy of a fuel cell Pt/Nafion interface.

Operando Raman spectroscopy of Nafion fuel cell elecctrolyte/platinum interface.

• Height: ⁵⁸/₆₄’’; Length: 4 ³³/₆₄”; Width: 2“
• Temperature range: 25 to 90°C.
• Electrode area: 5 cm2
• Flowfield connectors: ¹/₁₆“ male NPT to ¹/₁₆” female Swagelok.

  • Operando fuel cell:
  • Price: $6,375


  • Steel Rule Die Kit (Operando Raman Cell):
  • Price: $750 -Includes cutting dies for MEA Teflon gasket, slider Teflon gasket and GDL


The EZstat potentiostat is not included. NuVant can also prepare cables for alternate potentiostats.