Short Courses

Individualized Course Fees:

$2,500 for minimum of 2 students (2-day course).

$3,000 for single student (course in split sessions over 1 long day).

Group discounts available (maximum 9 students).

Registration Includes:

Course work materials. Continental breakfast, lunches. coffee breaks and snacks.

Hands-on Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly Short Course

A two-day hands-on course that includes membrane electrode assembly (MEA) preparation and fuel cell assembly. Students will acquire half and full cell polarization curves, Step Impedance Spectroscopy (SIS™) of fuel cell and CO stripping data.

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Hands-on Battery Coin Cell Fabrication and Evaluation Short Course

A two-day hands-on course that includes preparation of lithium ion coin cells with evaluation by charge-discharge cycling, EIS and Step Impedance Spectroscopy (SIS™).

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Hands-on Corrosion Short Course

A two-day hands-on short course that includes measurement and use of Tafel plots to determine mixed potentials and Step Impedance Spectroscopy.

Theory and practice of corrosion measurements using D. A. Jones “Principles and Prevention of Corrosion” 2nd Ed.

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Bogdan headshot4

Bogdan Gurau
NuVant Systems Inc. Bogdan Gurau, Chief Engineer, obtained his Ph.D. from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2000 and has been working with fuel cells continuously since then.




Eugene S. Smotkin,
Northeastern University 
Eugene S. Smotkin obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Texas in Austin in 1989.  He is a Professor of Chemistry at Northeastern University. His areas of research include electrocatalysis, reaction engineering and operando X-ray and vibrational spectroscopy of device catalytic layers.