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Battery Reconditioning Shipping

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Hybrid battery conditioning service:

  • Shipping of a 28 module pack within the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Puerto Rico will typically cost about $40.
  • NuVant will send foam packing kit for modules ($80).
  • The NuVant reconditioning program can use the US Post Office priority mail packages ($18/14 modules). Customers can make arrangements for shipment of entire pack assemblies.

The Battery Packing Kit comes with:Battery Packing Kit

1              Large United States Postal Service Mail Box
1              12” x 12” x 0.75” foam insert (with holes)
1              12” x 12” x 0.5” foam insert
2              12” x 4” x 0.5” foam insert
2              11” x 4” x 0.5” foam insert






Step 1 – Begin assembling the USPS box by taping the bottom together using reinforced tape.







Step 2- Place the 12” x 12” x 0.5” foam insert at the bottom of the box.










Step 3 – Place the 12” x 4” x 0.5” foam pieces on each side of the box.









Step 4 – Start placing batteries along the foam piece, alternating the vent positions. The batteries have notches/bumps that allow for proper alignment.









Step 5 – Finish placing/positioning the batteries (two or three at a time).








Step 6 – Once all the batteries are in place, insert both 11” x 4” x 0.5” foam pieces on the remaining sides.





Step 7 – Place the top foam piece (12” x 12” x 0.75”) properly onto the batteries, aligning the holes properly on top of the vents.





Step 8 – Fold and tape down the two inside flaps with reinforced tape. Fold down the two outside flaps and tape down the middle.