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EZstat-HV high voltage potentiostat

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EZstat-HV electrochemical instrument: High-voltage Potentiostat delivers up to 1.0 A at up to 25 V vs. the reference electrode. The 4-electrode cable accommodates working, counter, reference electrodes, and a ground cable. Manually controlled cell voltage. Current vs. time is acquired and displayed in real time at 10 points per second. The EZstat-HV has two auto-current ranges: 0 – 100 mA and 0 – 1 amp. This potentiostat is ideal for oxide layer preparation by high-voltage anodization. The EZstat-HV does not perform cyclic voltammetry or EIS.

Electrochemical instrument: high-voltage potentiostat

EZstat-HV potentiostat





Price: $4,300






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