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Hybrid battery replacement with installation

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NuVant offers hybrid battery refurbishing services at our Crown Point location. Avoid pricey battery pack replacements from your dealership!

Please call 219-644-3231 for more information.

Currently servicing:

  • Toyota Prius ($1350)
    • Gen 2: 2004 – 2007  
    • Gen 3: 2008 – 2015 
  • Toyota Prius C ($1350)
    • Gen 1: 2012 – 2017
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid ($1600)
    • Gen 1: 2007 – 2011
    • Gen 2: 2012 – 2017 

Core return required. A $500 charge if core is not returned.


Call 219-644-3231 for further information

How it works

  1. We take your packs/modules, removed from vehicle and enclosure (shown below).
  2. We recondition your modules and provide the results/data. This process takes ~30 hours, multiple packs can be reconditioned at once.
  3. We re-assemble packs using an alogorithm that matches balanced modules to ensure maximum performance.
  4.  We return your balanced packs/modules. All modules that do not pass our success criteria (up to 25%) will also be returned.
Toyota Prius module
202 V Toyota Prius pack (28 modules)

7.2 V Toyota Prius prismatic module


How much money you can save

The average price of a replacement Toyota Camry Hybrid battery pack is $1725. Our price to recondition 34 modules (the amount in a Toyota Camry Hybrid) is $714.

For a fleet of 30 Toyota Camry Hybrid vehicles, the cost to replace all of the packs is $51,750. Reconditioning those modules with NuVant Systems will cost only $12,240. That is a savings of $39,510.

NuVant recently reconditioned Toyota Camry Hybrid packs for a taxi fleet in Chicago, IL. The return-to-vehicle rate of the modules was 75%: 204 of 272 modules were satisfactorily reconditioned for the automobile aftermarket. The taxi fleet saved $5726 over other battery pack options.

Hybrid battery service center:

Indiana (35 miles from Chicago)

NuVant Systems Inc.
130 N. West Street
Crown Point, IN 46307

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