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Eugene Smotkin presents Operando IR and Raman Spectroscopy of the Catalyst-Ionomer Interface: July 27, 2016 DOE Catalysis Working Group Meeting

NuVant commercializes Operando IR, Raman and X-ray absorption spectroscopy cells with Northeastern University co-ops and graduate students. The Smotkin group has been developing fuel cell operando spectroscopy for over twenty years.  Smotkin will present “Operando IR and Raman Spectroscopy of the Catalyst-Ionomer Interface at the DOE Catalysis Working Group Meeting on July 27, 2016 at Argonne National Laboratory. Recent fuel cell operando spectroscopy publications include:

  1.  N. Loupe, J. Doan and E. S. Smotkin,  Twenty Years of Operando IR, X-ray absorption, and Raman Spectroscopy: Direct Methanol and Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Catalysis Today, 2016, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cattod.2016.06.012
  2. I. Kendrick, J. Fore, J. Doan, N. Loupe, A. Vong, N. Dimakis, M. Diem, E. S. Smotkin, Operando Raman Micro-Spectroscopy of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163, 4, 2016, pp. H3152-H3159, http://jes.ecsdl.org/content/163/4/H3152.full.pdf+html
  3. S. E. Evarts et al., “Ensemble Site Requirements for Oxidative Adsorption of Methanol and Ethanol on Pt Membrane Electrode Assemblies”, ACS Catalysis, 2, 2012, pp 701 – 707
  4. I. Kendrick and E. S. Smotkin, “Operando Infrared Spectroscopy of the Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly Nafion-Pt Interface”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39, 2014, pp 2751 – 2755