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EVc-30 hybrid battery repair / maintenance tool: Return on investment (ROI) calculation

The following ROI calculations are suggestive.  Buyers should adjust assumptions to fit their business plan.

Facts and assumptions:

  • Assumes an inventory of 100 good modules
  • The EVc-30 requires parallel connection of modules only once for the full charge and discharge protocol.
  • The ROI calculations assume 28 module Prius packs.
  •  Packs are delivered extracted from the vehicle and assembled with tie rods. High voltage harness is removed.
  • A 30 hour reconditioning process (recommended) is assumed.
  • Assume 20% of modules are rejected by the EVc-30 unit before reconditioning
  • An EVc-30 price of $32,500 ± $1,000 is assumed

The ROI of a ∼$32,500 hybrid battery repair and maintenance tool, assuming use of a single EVc-30 for processing Prius packs, is the basis for the following calculations:

(1) Human labor as hrs/reconditioning session: 1.5 hour/session.

(2) Number of packs processed per month assuming 720 hrs/month:

720 hrs/(30 hrs/session) = 24 sessions: 24 sessions x 30 modules/session = 720 modules.  0.80 x 720 modules/28 modules/pack = 20 packs/month with 15 spare modules.

(3) EVc-30 amortization:  Assume a $750/pack margin.  20 packs/mo x $750/pack = $15,000/month.  At $32,500/unit, amortization is about 2 months.

The total labor/month is 24 session/month x 1.5 hours/session = 36 hours. The margin/hour of $15,000/36 hours = $417/hour.

The calculations do not consider the time for pack extraction and re-installation, and the time required for copper bus bar cleaning. Assumptions and calculations should be refined to better fit the buyers business plan.  We quote the father of analytical chemistry, Izaak Maurits (Piet) Kolthoff:  “Theory guides, experiments decide.”  That timeless quote applies here and leads to the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer:  The above calculations, while sincere and based on discussions with our current EVc owners, are only suggestive.  NuVant cannot and will not guarantee the above results.  Owners must maintain their own data and modify the calculations as needed.  NuVant takes no responsibility for how the above calculations are used. NuVant makes no guarantee for any level of revenue over any time period.  We believe that the above calculations are reasonable calculations based on the stated assumptions.