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Voltammetry kit for fast start in electrochemistry

The Voltammetry Kits (VK-100GC & VK-100PT) include all the accessories required for starting up in electrochemistry.  The Kit includes a glass electrochemical cell (EC-020) with a Teflon top that accommodates an inert gas purge line, a Pt wire counter electrode (MW-4130), a refurbishable Ag/AgCl reference electrode (MF-2052), an electrode polishing kit  (MF-2060) and a choice of a glassy carbon disk electrode (MF-2012) or a Pt working electrode disk (MF-2013).    The porous Vycor tips and heat shrink tubing (MF-2064) enable reference electrode refurbishing. Take your choice of:

  • VK-100GC Voltammetry Kit with glassy carbon disc working electrode
  • VK-100PT Voltammetry Kit with a Pt disc working electrode