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High volume hybrid battery service for vehicle and transit bus fleet operators

NuVant offers hybrid battery refurbishing services for vehicle and transit bus fleets. Avoid pricey battery pack replacements for Toyota Camry and Prius taxis! Let us recondition your modules for a fraction of the price.

Our service is NATION-WIDE. Please call 219-644-3231 for more information.

Quantity Price (per module)
1 – 150 $21.00
151 – 500 $19.00
501 – 1000 $17.00
1001 – 5000 $15.00
 > 5000 $13.00

Toyota Prius battery packs contain 28 modules (first pack = $588) and Toyota Camry Hybrid battery packs contain 34 modules (first pack = $714).

The reconditioning service includes a free database (see below) that maintains the QR codes of every hybrid battery module processed (your inventory) along with a pack-building algorithm that selects modules and module position within the pack using your module inventory.

Call 219-644-3231 for further information

How it works

  1. We take your packs/modules, removed from vehicle and enclosure (shown below).
  2. We recondition your modules and provide the results/data. This process takes ~30 hours, multiple packs can be reconditioned at once.
  3. We re-assemble packs using an alogorithm that matches balanced modules to ensure maximum performance.
  4.  We return your balanced packs/modules. All modules that do not pass our success criteria (up to 25%) will also be returned.
Toyota Prius module
202 V Toyota Prius pack (28 modules)

7.2 V Toyota Prius prismatic module


How much money you can save

The average price of a replacement Toyota Camry Hybrid battery pack is $1725. Our price to recondition 34 modules (the amount in a Toyota Camry Hybrid) is $714.

For a fleet of 30 Toyota Camry Hybrid vehicles, the cost to replace all of the packs is $51,750. Reconditioning those modules with NuVant Systems will cost only $12,240. That is a savings of $39,510.

NuVant recently reconditioned Toyota Camry Hybrid packs for a taxi fleet in Chicago, IL. The return-to-vehicle rate of the modules was 75%: 204 of 272 modules were satisfactorily reconditioned for the automobile aftermarket. The taxi fleet saved $5726 over other battery pack options.

Hybrid battery service center:

Indiana (35 miles from Chicago)

NuVant Systems Inc.
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